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    Combining a variety of bodywork modalities, therapeutic massage aims to restore and rejuvenate the body while providing a deep sense of relaxation.  Often utilizing swedish massage, connective tissue work, and craniosacral therapy, the sessions can range from deeply therapeutic to pure relaxation.      Deep tissue work is applied when necessary to loosen tight muscles and revitalize dehydrated tissues.  The result is the re-energization of the body, release of tension, reduction of pain, and the rebalancing of the whole mind, body, and spirit.

    Great for anybody looking for relief from pain or stiffness, in need of relaxation, or as part of a regular body maintenance program for improved flexibility and increased range of motion. Therapeutic massage moves stagnant lymph throughout the body, boosting detoxification, improving circulation, and overall immunity.  A clear mind and healthy body is the best way to keep the joy flowing in your life.   

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