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Patricia R., Pecos, NM

"Brian is really great at what he does!!! He provides a safe and professional atmosphere to heal. I gained stronger and healthier muscle stability. I went to Brian for series of bodywork sessions last year. His sessions didn't just help me get rid of the pain and tension but my posture was totally transformed. He also taught me so much about my body to help me combat and prevent the issues from reoccurring. He is so passionate about helping people and is awesome company. Brian is amazing and I highly recommend him."

CM, Santa Fe, NM

“Brian brings so much to the table.  Doing the ten sessions with him was the best decision I’ve made in my entire life.  After not being able to run for 30 years, now I’m running on 16 year old legs again.  We are all looking for the silver bullet.  It’s Brian.  I recommend him without reservation.”

Robin Hilary T., Santa Fe, NM

"When I started my bodywork with Brian, my body was bent forward at the shoulders and my height was much less than it could have been. I can now stand up straight and tall. His explanations of what was happening with my posture and how we were going to improve it were excellent. Brian continually checked in with me throughout the bodywork treatment, to ensure that I was comfortable with the process. I definitely recommend Brian to anyone who needs bodywork and/or therapeutic massage."

Dayna D., Silver City, NM

"Brian's body work is like no other. His intuitive knowledge of the body paired with keen assessment skills allowed him to tailor the session to my individual structural needs. Brian's kind and gentle manor put me directly at ease and allowed for deep healing in a comforting and supportive environment.  Sessions with Brian restored balance and alignment for me in my shoulders and hips. After two mountain bike accidents a month a part my body sustained some blows that impacted my right hip and shoulder.  Brian's work was able to open up my chest and shoulder girdle for increased ROM. I gained length through my ribs and diaphragm increasing my ability to breathe more fully.  My hips became balanced and aligned and my legs are sitting better in the joint itself.  I am  standing taller and straighter and my head is more balance atop of the spine.  I have received many forms of body work and I would say Brian's work is exceptional.  I highly recommend him for athletes, injuries, and for anyone out of balance structurally.  

Thank you Brian! Dayna"

"Brian is great! I feel amazing after each treatment! I’m now receiving the 3 session series from him and my body is really changing. The pain in my wrist/shoulder/chest has drastically improved and I have much more mobility and strength. Thank You Brian!"

Anna L., Santa Fe, NM

Matthew W., Santa Fe, NM

"I found Brian to be a respectful and sensitive therapist. He was responsive to my questions and thorough in planning and executing treatments that were right for me; especially since I was new to this type of body work. Brian is a caring and highly motivated therapist. I recommend the structural integration program to those who are ready to discover the benefits of a deeper, long lasting healing experience."

Virginia Costales Nañez, LMT, Silver City, NM


"I appreciate and enjoy Brian Terry’s healing work very much. I am a licensed massage therapist.  I am very selective as to who I see for any kind of body work. I value Brian’s presence and attention to detail. He takes the time to fully communicate, understand, and listen to how you are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The last time I had a session with Brian I had been ill for two weeks and feeling better. However, after my session I felt more energetic, a sense of well-being, release of tension from my body and I slept very deeply that night." 

Yesula I., Santa Fe, NM

"Working with Brian, was, indeed, a cooperative experience. That is, his hands were able to "hear" the levels of my body as he focused on the deep bodywork. And not only was I able to receive this adjustment, I was able to share the silent space from which Brian facilitates his work."

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